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Summer Schedule :)

I don't know about you but summer is long and miserable. The kids are bored most of the time or they are on their electronics wasting the day away. So this year I am doing something different, we are going to have a plan in place where the kids have to do items before they are allowed on their tablets or tv. Which will be good for all of our sanity at least once they get used to the change taking place. Ginny and Miles both will be going to summer school in the morning during June so that will help break up our summer. Then our new baby will make an appearance at the end of summer. At least we hope she will stay in until the end of the summer. So here are some rules we will be having for summer.

1. Brushed your teeth and hair
2. Dressed for the day
3. Had breakfast
4. 20 minutes of reading time
5. 20 minutes of being creative (writing, coloring, drawing)
6. 30 minutes of outside play
7. Made/built something -legos, crafts, blocks, art
8. Worked in workbook
9. Clean a room up
10. D…