Summer Fun: Anniversary Trip

So the weekend before our 8th wedding anniversary this year we took a couple days trip as a couple to reconnect as husband and wife. Raising three kids is hard and a lot of pressure. It takes hits at a marriage over and over. Then add of raising a special needs child really takes hits at a marriage. So we like to get away every couple of months to step away as a couple and reconnect to make our marriage relationship stronger. This year we were lucky in that Stephen's mom and my mom were willing to take the challenge of taking care of the kids this year. My husband planned our trip in where we went and where we are staying. We don't make anymore plans after that as we want to relax and not live on a strict schedule that we often live at home. So this year we went to our state's capital Topeka.

Our hotel was right by the state capital building and from our hotel balcony we could see it every single day. During the day we would relax in hotel or go around the city and find things to do. On Friday, we went shopping. We enjoyed looking at different things around the town. On Saturday, we spent the day at the zoo there. Then Sunday, we litterally just relaxed. There was no need to rush around we did go out for a drive to just drive and talk. On Monday, we relaxed and packed up to come home to our babies. It was an amazing trip to just have fun and relax as husband and wife.


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