That simple word puts a slight hesitation in me. Is it because when I make a goal it makes me nervous. Will I be able to make the goal a reality. Will I fall short like every single time. Sigh, but everyone makes goals. It's been shoved into our heads since we were in kindergarten. Who do you want to become and where are you going. You need to make goals for life. But no one can tell you how to keep those simple goals. You make short term goals and long term goals. But, we all do it in some way. We all forget about those goals no matter how hard we try. Goals. I want to scratch each goal off and say. I did it, I accomplished something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. So...here I am once again making new goals.

Goal 1: I want to ENJOY my kids. 

Goal 2: I want to be HEALTHY! 

Goal 3: I don't want to STRESS about how my house looks every day. 

Goal 4: I want to TEACH my children. 

Goal 5: Keep the LOVE alive in my marriage. 

Goal 6: Keep LEARNING about the world. 

Simple Goals to keep my life going and I will accomplish it. Here is how.

Goal 1: 
    I want to do fun memories with my kids. I want to go places with them and show them the world. I want to create memories. No matter how silly or how serious they are.

Goal 2: 
    I am going to start making more meals in the crock-pot and the instant pot. To eat better then I have been and to keep moving.

Goal 3: 
    I am going to create a cleaning schedule that fits me and my household.

Goal 4: 
    I am going to take the time and teach my children. Help Miles potty train and write. Help Ginny practice her school work. Do preschool with Mason.

Goal 5:
   To keep our own room clean. To take the time to dress up for my husband at least 80% of the time. To go on dates and less fight about the little things.

Goal 6: 
   For this goal I am going to read everything from non-fiction to fiction books. Also keep learning about different ways that I can be a better mom and wife.

What are your goals?


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