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Why I am Selling SeneGence

Hey everyone, so I decided to make the plunge to sell SeneGence. It's scary and it's out of my comfort zone but I am working hard on making it a success. I know what you are thinking because I have thought about it over and over the years. Another I want to explain some things so you see why I made the plunge.

But first I need to explain who I am. I am twenty-nine years old and been married for eight amazing years. I have three children and I stay home with them. My only daughter Ginevera is six years old and started first grade this year. She is complete opposite of me in everything and we butt heads a lot. One of the things she is into is make-up. Being a girly girl and since she is my only daughter I kind of like that she is a girly girl. Then we have Miles who is four years old. He is a child who does things before he thinks of them. He has low-functioning autism and often is pretty aggressive when he is upset. Then our littlest son Mason who is two years o…

Summer Fun: Anniversary Trip

So the weekend before our 8th wedding anniversary this year we took a couple days trip as a couple to reconnect as husband and wife. Raising three kids is hard and a lot of pressure. It takes hits at a marriage over and over. Then add of raising a special needs child really takes hits at a marriage. So we like to get away every couple of months to step away as a couple and reconnect to make our marriage relationship stronger. This year we were lucky in that Stephen's mom and my mom were willing to take the challenge of taking care of the kids this year. My husband planned our trip in where we went and where we are staying. We don't make anymore plans after that as we want to relax and not live on a strict schedule that we often live at home. So this year we went to our state's capital Topeka.

Our hotel was right by the state capital building and from our hotel balcony we could see it every single day. During the day we would relax in hotel or go around the city and find t…

Summer Fun: Church Memories

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In other words Mormon or LDS. Every year our congestion has to things that take place. We have the Memorial Breakfast; which is usually outside at a park but it was raining. We didn't care. My kids loved the donuts they had this year. Yummy.  

Another common thing that takes place is the annual Stake swim party. We always go swimming with it every year. Of course this year was on the hottest day of the year. The kids loved it. I finally let Miles venture out on his own. He has gotten really good at keeping his head above water wearing his puddle jumper. Hopefully this year we will start swim lessons with him and Ginny. There is always a picnic afterwards. But we never stay because huge crowds, long line till food, and food that Miles won't like. So we go to McDonalds afterwards. 

Summer Fun: Batman Birthday Party

I get so excited when Miles gets birthday invites. It's unusual that people want to try to invite a child with autism. Miles recieved a birthday invite from his friend Sammy from church. Sammy is only a month younger then Miles and is the complete opposite. But the boys get along really well. Miles loved the things he was able to bring home from the party. Also NO MELTDOWNS! Mommy and Daddy didn't have to stay either. YAHOO!

Summer Fun: Playing Games

Lately I have been able to get a lot of games for my kiddos. The picture up top is a sight word game. The kids love it. It's where Ginny can refresh on her sight words and learn her first grade sight words. Where Miles can start learning his sight words. What's even better is that they play together and help each other. Win Win.

Another favorite this summer is playing connect four. The kids really enjoy it though they really don't understand the rules. And it always ends up in a meltdown. Miles usually takes over the game and plays both colors for each other. We will get it hopefully soon. Wish us luck.


That simple word puts a slight hesitation in me. Is it because when I make a goal it makes me nervous. Will I be able to make the goal a reality. Will I fall short like every single time. Sigh, but everyone makes goals. It's been shoved into our heads since we were in kindergarten. Who do you want to become and where are you going. You need to make goals for life. But no one can tell you how to keep those simple goals. You make short term goals and long term goals. But, we all do it in some way. We all forget about those goals no matter how hard we try. Goals. I want to scratch each goal off and say. I did it, I accomplished something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I am once again making new goals.

Goal 1: I want to ENJOY my kids. 

Goal 2: I want to be HEALTHY! 

Goal 3: I don't want to STRESS about how my house looks every day. 

Goal 4: I want to TEACH my children. 

Goal 5: Keep the LOVE alive in my marriage. 

Goal 6: Keep LEARNING about the world.