Book Review: Potbellied Pigs by Natalie Lunis

Natalie Lunis is a published author and editor of children's books. Some of her published credits include How We Use Electricity, Deadly Widows, Prickly Sea Stars, and Crawling Crabs. 

In Potbellied Pigs (Peculiar Pets) by Natalie Lunis is a non-fiction children's book about potbellied pigs. They are clean, intelligent, and fun-loving pets. They can even be trained to do tricks and walk on a leash. A potbellied pig might be unusual choice for an animal companion, but love comes in all kinds of packages. How can kids find out whether a pig is the right pet for them?

My daughter Ginny checked this out from her school library. It's always interesting to me on what type of books she chooses to check out. She obviously went for this book because of the amazing cover. What kid wouldn't want to pick up a book with a pig holding a phone in its mouth. Though I highly doubt my kids would know that is a phone. I really enjoyed reading this book with my kids. The pictures are really fun and really grab the kids. I liked it because they are not illustrations but actual pictures of the pigs. The text is simple enough for young kids to understand with some minor vocabulary words. But yet it's full of facts on if a pig is a right pet for you. I recommend this book.


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