Book Review: The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss

Ruth Krauss was born July 25th, 1901, in Baltimore, Maryland. She began writing and illustrating her own stories when she was a child. Ruth left high school her sophomore year to focus on art. She enrolled in Maryland Institue for Promotion of the Mechanic Arts. Though she left a year later. She then worked at a girls camp, Camp Walden in Maine where she discover her love for writing. Her first piece of writing was in the yearbook 1919. Ruth dropped out in 1921 after her father past away to work office jobs. When her mother died in 1927 she enrolled at Parsons School of Design in New York. She graduated in 1929 right at the beginning of the Great Depression. Two books that Krauss wrote were runner-ups for the Caldecott Medal; The Happy Day (1950), and A Very Special House (1954). She was honored in the New Yorker cover illustrations for September 27th, 1993 from her book A Hole is to Dig
Ruth Krauss

In The Growing Story by Ruth Krauss is a simple beginning grows a story that celebrates little changes that tell us we are growing up. This sweet story was first published in 1947. 
This is a very sweet story about growing up and how our bodies change. How our clothes get smaller on our bodies. It starts with a little boy who watches the trees change and his puppy grow bigger. But yet he doesn't think he is getting bigger as well. Until the new season changes. The illustrations of this book are amazing. They are beautiful and really well drawn. I recommend reading this to explain how we grow to children. 

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