Book Review: There's an Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer was born in Arkansas in 1944. When he was thirteen his family moved to Hawaii. He went to Honolulu Academy of Arts then Art Students League. Soon he begun writing children's books. His wife Gina and him write Little Critter stories together. In 2007, he was chosen to be the National Book Festival "Artist of the Year." He has published over 300 books. Most of his books happened when he was little. His books have been translated into other languages like Spanish, German, French and Japanese. Check out his Youtube Channel. 
There's an Alligator Under by Bed by Mercer Mayer is an amazing story of a little boy who finds out there is an alligator living under his bed. Of course like all kids he can not sleep at all. So he begs his parents to help him which they told him to go to sleep there is no alligators. The boy then comes up with a plan to get the alligator out from under the bed. 
So, my kids LOVE this book. If I would let them we would read it every single night in my household. Thankfully, Mercer Mayer has created a youtube video of him (the author) reading the book. He does not disappoint when you watch him read it. My kids love the pictures of this story and how the kid comes up with different plans to which the alligator would not eat him. They giggle on how the kid is and the alligator pictures. The pictures tell the story in this book for sure with how colorful and real like they look. It is a must read. 
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