Book Review: Apple by Nikki McClure

Nikki McClure grew up in Kirkland, Washington watching ants and pretending to be an artist. She went to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Where she studied ants and learn how to draw them and hung out with Artist. In 1996, she made her first paper-cut for the book, Apple. She splits her time between yearly calendar and making children's books.

Apple follows the life of an apple throughout the year, demonstrating the cyclical patterns in nature. This was Nikki McClure's very first book, originally self-published and sold in limited edition of just 200 copies. Now, 16 years later, it is available in wide release.

I love this book and how simple it is for kids to learn the life-cycle of an apple. It's such a great concept of the one word line on each page as you follow along. I love the illustrations on how original they are in black and white then the pop of red throughout the book. My kids love this book from my oldest who is a new reader to my youngest who loved the picture. It's a perfect book to read to your kids before you go pick apples in the fall.

As a mom, I think one of the best learning experience about where food comes from is getting them outdoors and seeing it grow. There are apple orchards everywhere and you don't have to pick a ton of apples. Just a few to show your kids that apples don't come from the store. They grow on a tree then are sent to stores for everyone to buy.

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