Book Review: Mine! by Susie Lee Jin

Susie Lee Jin is an author-illustrator, designer, and art licensor. She grew up in North Carolina and now live and work in northern New Jersey. 
In Mine! by Susie Lee Jin, several competitive bunnies compete in an epic battle to claim a single carrot in this hilarious and sweet debut picture book about sharing. Who does the carrot belong to? For a bunch of adorable bunnies, that question is up for an endless debate. Each bunny stakes a no nonsense claim on the juicy orange veggie with a resounding "Mine!" Told with only four words and filled with energetic illustrations, 
One of my kids chose this book for us to check out of the library. I would loved for the story to have more words to it then the few stories it had. Or a good ending to give it moral other then the word Mine throughout the book. The illustrations were amazing and really cute. It made the the bunnies come to life. My kids loved this book and loved it had short story. Then loved shouting out "MINE" as I read each page. Acting like it was them who were fighting over the carrot. I recommend this for preschool and toddler. 

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