Book Review: Jack Wants a Snack by Pat Schories

Pat Schories was born in New York in 1952, grew up in Ohio, and now lives in New York. She enjoys gardening, hiking, and going to summer fiddle camps with her musician husband, Harry. Pat is well known as the illustrator of the Biscuit early readers written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Recently, she created a 5-book series of wordless books about a dog named Jack. Jack and Biscuit are modeled after her own two beloved dogs, Speed and Spike.

Jack Wants a Snack is about a dog who was not invited to a tea party. He was offered only one piece of popcorn and sees pesky chipmunk who crashes the party. Jack wants to join the party and he wants a snack. This compelling, easy-to-follow wordless picture book for pre-literate children to elements of a story.

My daughter Ginny picked this story out from the library. It's such a cute book and easy for her to make up her own story with. She loved looking at each picture and making up her own story to fit the illustration. I liked the book on that my daughter can make up her own story to go with the picture. It also helped me talk to my three year old and have him tell me what he thinks is happening. The illustrations are amazing in this book and really tell the story that is needed to be told. On each page the dog looks like you could pet him. I recommend this book for preschoolers.

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