Book Review: Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae

Giles Andreae was born in March 1966. He is a British artist, poet and greeting card writer, creator of the Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton series. He went to Oxford University and completed his degree under difficult circumstances as he developed Hodgkin's lymphoma. He lives with his wife, Victoria, in South Oxfordshire. He has four children with Victoria. In 2006, Giles Andreae worked alongside Blunderbus Theatre Company to adapt his story, Giraffes Can't Dance to bring it to stage. The company toured this story across the United Kingdom.

Giraffes Can't Dance is a story about a giraffe named Gerald. Gerald longs to dance, but his legs are too skinny and his neck is too long. At the Jungle Dance, the warthogs waltz, the chimps cha-cha, and the lions tango. "Giraffes can't dance," they all jeer when it's Gerald's turn to prance. But with some sound advice from a wise cricket, Gerald starts swaying to his own sweet tune.

So, my kids have been watching the famous April Giraffe in New York on webcam. We have been waiting and waiting for her to have the baby. So we started to check out books about giraffes fiction and non-fiction. This book has always been on my list to read with my kids. The cover just grabs the attention of adults and children a like. The book is like no others that I have read to my three kids. My kids loved the way the giraffe danced and the way the words flowed like song lyrics. I liked the book had a moral about dancing to your own music who cares if you can't dance the same way as others. It such a perfect moral for kids and adults alike to follow. I recommend reading this book.


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