Autism Journey: Discipline

We have tried different things to help Miles know the difference of right and wrong in our household. For awhile it's taken a huge toll on us as parents. How do you discipline an autistic child where it doesn't create more issues but yet helps your child grow into an adult that is successful in life. Like I mention before we have tried what it seems like everything with him. We have tried time-ins, time-outs, sent to the room, taking things away, spankings, and even ignoring the behavior.

I was at my wits end, I couldn't just hold him with his arms down as he is stronger then me. My husband could but I couldn't. So, I was frustrated on how I could teach him to not be physical, to calm down, and to do his chores. Until...I was watching Super Nanny on Lifetime tv.

On Super Nanny, she was at a house where they had a ten year old who had down syndrome. He pretty much ruled the house. His siblings were left to the side pretty much. Well, she gave them an idea which gave me the Ahhh...ha, idea of my own. So I decided to implement it with Miles.

I took 100 small blocks (Miles loves blocks) and I put them in  a container. I told him that when he reached 100 blocks in his container (a clear container) then he will get to go pick a toy at a store of his own choosing. We started with earning blocks for every little thing. Such as I said, "Miles touch your nose." If he touched his nose then he got a block. Then we slowly backed off the reward. If he has behaviors that are against the rules or doesn't listen. He gets a block taken away. When Miles has a meltdown if he hits during the meltdown or destroy something. He will lose a block. If he has a meltdown and goes to his room on his own accord for it. He doesn't lose anything or gain anything. Some days he gets blocks faster then other days. Those are the days Miles is having a hard day with behaviors and his mood is rough. Some days we will have it spread out more and those are the really good days.

Miles has gotten up to 60 blocks and sometimes if we give him a warning and remind him he will lose a block he will do as he is told. It's been pretty good and meltdowns are becoming far in between where he is physically doing harm.

What ways have you tried disciplining your child?


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