HUGE SUCCESS with Miles in Primary

Gah...this boy amazes me every single day on how much he is growing. Okay, so on Sunday, it was Teacher In-service meeting so I was asked to sit with Ginny's class so the teacher can go during Sharing Time. Stephen sat with Miles in Mile's corner of the primary room. Miles will now stay in Primary but in a corner of the room and on his tablet. He will interact with his aid but not with anyone else in the room. Well, I noticed him watching the music teacher and so I thought, I am going to wave him over to see if he wants to sit with us. He soon came over and sat next to his sister, still on his tablet but paying more attention.

Soon he shut off his tablet and was watching the rest of the primary kids play a game and I could tell he wanted to be called up. He started to hum the primary songs with them. Then it was sharing time and he was asked to come up to flip some cards up. I wasn't sure if he was going to participate in it. But he ran up to the front and flipped both cards over and made a match. He had the biggest smile on his face and ran back to sit next to his sister. He sat through all of primary without his tablet for the FIRST TIME EVER.

Then today I find out he raised his hand in his primary class to say opening prayer and said it. Super fast like he does at home but he still said it. I am so proud of this little boy every day. He learns so much. I am so grateful to our wonderful primary leaders to follow his lead instead of forcing him to sit with the rest of them. I am also grateful for his aid who walks him in the hall and tries to interact with him. Thankful for his amazing primary teacher who I am sure was nervous to teach Miles but has found ways to include him in her class with having him be simon says and having bubbles every Sunday for him.

gah...I am crying because I know how much Heavenly Father loves this amazing extraordinary little boy who he blessed me with. We have our extremely bad days but days like Sunday puts everything into perspective.


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