Book Review: I'm Mighty! by Kate McMullen

From Kate and Jim McMullan, the popular creators of I Stink! and I'm Dirty! - now a streaming animated series - comes a raucous tribute to a tireless harbor hero. This time a tugboat proves that even the smallest of us can be MIGHTY! You think this tug's too small to pull in shipas twenty times his size? Think again check it out in I'm Mighty! by Kate and Jim McMullan.

First let's talk about this neat cover. It shows what a tugboat looks like in this colorful illustration. It also shows that they are small and they pull or tug different things. It makes you want to learn more about this boat. This book teaches that it doesn't matter if you are small because you can still be mighty. It's just how you look at things and prove it to yourself that you are mighty. I think this is a perfect concept for children. As they are small compare to everyone else and sometimes they feel like they can't do anything. It helps them learn about positive thinking like the tugboat who never gives up. The illustrations are great and really depicts the tugboat size compare to all the things that he tugs in the harbor. It's a great book to read to kids who have self-confidence issues. I recommend reading it.

If you like this book check out I'm Bad by Kate and Jim McMullan.


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