Book Review: I'm Bad! by Kate McMullan

Who's big? Who's bad? And who's hungry? T-Rex, that's who. He's the rollicking and rambunctious dino who's foraging in the prehistoric forest, 'cause he needs to chow right now. When his belly rumbles and grumbles, you'd better watch out! Take cover fuzzballs. Hide your horns, reptiles. It's ambush time. Read about this T-Rex in "I'm Bad!" by Kate McMullan.

We have read the other books "I Stink!" and "I'm Dirty," and we enjoyed reading them so we had to read this book as well. I was really disappointed in this book as it just keeps saying the title all throughout the book. My three kids didn't really enjoy this book other then the illustrations on the page. I was really hoping for something more to this book.


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