Book Review: Hug a Bug by Eileen Spinelli

A tiny squeeze is all it takes. With this simple action you can turn a frown into a smile and show that you care. One hug can mean everything, so hug your mom, hug your dad, hug your sister or your brother, and hug your friend. Find out how to hug and who to hug in "Hug a Bug" by Eileen Spinelli.

The cover is what drove my five year old to this book when she saw it at the library. The cover draws in little kids because what little kid doesn't love stuffed bears. It's colorful and draws your attention to what the child is doing. Though, the title does not fit the rest of the story. Barely does the main character hug a bug but she hugs lots of different things and people. The words of this book are very simple and a sentence a page. So it would fit the younger preschool age children. My five year old didn't really enjoy this book as she wanted more to the story. My three year old and one year old loved the book. It's a cute story and I recommend it for preschool and younger.


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