Book Review: Hardworking Puppies by Lynn Reiser

All puppies grow up to be dogs, but these ten lucky puppies grow up to be dogs with jobs. The story counts down from ten to zero as each puppy pairs up with hardworking human - a firefighter, a lifeguard, and a clown, among others. But no matter what their duties, these ten puppies get plenty of playtime, treats, and love. Find out about the puppies in Hardworking Puppies by Lynn Reiser.
My daughter Ginny, picked this book out from the library because it was about dogs. The illustrations seemed really rough and my kids didn't enjoy the pictures. Though I loved the story told the different types of jobs that dogs can have to help their owners. It helps them realize that not all dogs are just pets. I also loved how it counted down as the puppies were going to their owner. I recommend reading this to younger elementary kids. 
What other books are about animals working?


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