Book Review: Farm by James Brown

Animals never fail to catch babies' eyes - and this bold presentation makes them even more irresistible. Introduce babies to the animal residents of a farm in a bright, graphic, nearly wordless board book that will grab their attention as it fosters developing visual skills. Each right-hand page features a simple white shape of a pig, sheep, dog, horse, goose, or cow against a vivid background, while the facing page features the same shape in a charming, folk-art style pattern check it out in Farm by James Brown.

So I read this to my youngest who is almost two years old. We looked at the pictures and I would ask him what animal it is...then would ask him what noise did the animal say. He loved looking at the two different pictures of the animals. I have caught him looking at the book in his free time as well. He tends to go to black and white pictures more. It's a cute book for the younger then one year old book. As they have black and white picture of the animals. I wish though it had an actual picture of the animal on the other side. I recommend this book to add to your board book collection.

What is your favorite farm animal?


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