Book Review: Crocopotamus by Mary Murphy

What do you call a cross between a tiger and a zebra? How about an elephant and a hippopotamus? Find out as you flip the pages and create incredible critters and silly animal names. Sturdy board-book pages open to the left and the right for easy manipulation by little hands, and bright, bold animals wait to be mixed up again and again in "Crocopotamus" by Mary Murphy.

This book is so much fun for all ages. It's a board book so I wasn't worried that my youngest was going to rip it up. But my five year old and three year old both enjoyed it as well. The illustrations were colorful and really grab all three of my kids attention. My five year old had fun reading the new names she created each time she flipped the word. It really helped her with sounds. So my three year old would laugh and laugh of each animal we made. He thought it was so funny that we could have monpotamus. This book is great for the whole family and worth the read.


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