Spark Challenge: Focus

In this chapter of book it talks about how making a goal helps you focus on the bigger goal in mind. To not only make a huge goal but also make little goals that go up to it. I really like this quote, "To be powerful, your goals should be aligned with your core beliefs and values. When you are clear about your values and beliefs, they are a natural part of your daily actions. Each goal and decision is rooted in them, like flowers in soil. And these values act as both an anchor to keep you grounded in what you believe and a compass that helps guide you through your adventure."

But first you have to figure out what your values and beliefs are?

  • What truly drives you?

My children drive me. They make me want to be a better person. A person that they are not embarrassed by someone that they love.

  • Is there a clash between what you really believe and what you're trying to accomplish? 

Yes, What I am trying to accomplish is someone who doesn't look like a fat disquesting person anymore. I want to feel good about myself and the body that I am in.

  • Are you working each day toward something that really matters to you? 

Yes, raising my children to become model people in this world of hate.

Now the goal setting part. 

Your goals should be:

  • Unique
  • Concrete
  • Inner-directed
  • Harmonious
  • Realistic
  • Written
What are your core values and beliefs?
    My core value is based around family. Spend quality time with your family. The family is your life along with Heavenly Father. Everything falls behind that.

How can you turn those values and beliefs into a purpose in one or more of your life roles?
It's becoming the best mom that I can be and also the best wife that I can be.

Visualize your purpose. How can you see it becoming a reality, based on where you are now?
To be more active and see myself having fun with my kids. Showing them how to be healthy and that I have more energy to spend time them and less with stress. 


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