Book Review: Is It Christmas Yet? by Jane Chapman

Christmas is coming, and Teddy is so excited! "Is it Christmas yet?" he asks Big Bear. "Soon," Big Bear replies. Big Bear tells him that first, there are presents to wrap, a cake to bake, a tree to decorate - so much to do! Teddy desperately wants to help Big Bear get ready, but every time he tries, he ends up making a mess. Will they ever be ready for Christmas? Find out in "Is it Christmas Yet?" by Jane Chapman. 

What little kid doesn't ask this after Halloween if it's Christmas. The closer Christmas gets the more they ask. Some even ask after New Years Eve. Every parent will agree with Big Bear as he gets upset that everything he is doing to get ready for Christmas is ruined with a little helper. The pictures are so fun and interactive. My kids really enjoyed this book because they have been there many times. They loved the bears names even more. We recommend this book to add to your Christmas list.


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