Book Review: Foxy in Love by Emma Dodd

In "Foxy in Love" by Emma Dodd is a celebration of Valentine's Day, Foxy uses his magic tail to solve Emily's dilemma. Once again Foxy's friend Emily needs his help, big-time! Emily is trying to make a Valentine's Day card, and she needs Foxy to remind her of all the things that she loves most. From birthday cakes to gardens with rainbows, Foxy is able to make everything Emily loves magically appear-but sometimes he makes a mistake. Luckily Foxy can always find a good solution when things go wrong.

We all love Valentine's Day because it means we can show the ones we love that we love them. Emily is no different in "Foxy in Love." My kids were not too thrilled with the illustrations of this story but the story was sweet. They were surprised that Emily was listing all the items that she loved but no person. I liked that it was simple that my five year old could read it. But wish that the illustrations were in more detail and that Emily loved more then things. I recommend reading this for Valentine's Day.


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