Book Review: Clark the Shark Loves Christmas by Bruce Hale

Clark the Shark loves Christmas more than anyone! When Clark's class organizes a Secret Santa exchange, Clark decides to find out who will be giving him a present and forgets to get a present for his Secret Santa! What will happen on the day of the gift exchange? Will Clark learn about Christmas giving? Find out in "Clark the Shark Loves Christmas" by Bruce Hale.

This is my family's first Clark the Shark book and we were not disappointed with what we saw. It was so much fun to see a book with a sea creature as it's main character. My kids loved the illustration and how it had all different type of sea creatures. I really liked how it showed the true meaning of Christmas. Tons of kids feel the same way as Clark so they were able to learn with him through out the book. This is a book that I highly recommend reading.


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