Transition into Sunbeams!

Poor Miles had not only transition to sunbeams, but also to our new church time of one pm. Also we had not been to church for awhile because of illnesses. So he had a lot of things going on for him. On January 1st, we headed to church. My husband was driving Mason around hoping to get him down for a nap while I took the older two into church. Miles right off the bat wanted to make his walking rounds around the church. Which became a all out chase to get him to walk and keep up with him. He thought it was the best game in the world. Mama, did not. Grandma took a turn and got him to calm down.

When Miles entered the primary room for sharing time. He hid in a corner wanting to excape the room. Didn't want to be apart of the process. He had to be walked by Daddy and Grandma around the building all through second hour. Only staying for brief moments in the primary room. Third hour he sat in his class with his classmates for awhile. First Sunbeam day...not an success.

This last week was Miles second day in Sunbeam. We got him into Primary and he took off running out the door. He didn't want to be in there. He hid in an empty classroom used as storage and in middle of a meltdown. I went into the room and gave him my tablet to see if by chance he would calm down. Sure enough he came out of hiding and played on the tablet. I was then able to bring him out of the room to sit by his buddy. His buddy was able to interact with him and soon we transition him to primary room again. Miles sat in the back on his tablet but stayed the whole time. He transition into his class with the tablet but turned it off and paid attention in his class. Second Sunbeam day....a success...


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