Recipe: Crock-pot Nacho Cheese Chicken

My mom introduced this to us awhile back. We love it and have made it for the missionaries many times. It's also so easy being able to just throw in the crock-pot and go.

Crock-Pot Nacho Cheese Chicken

1 Can of Rotel Any of them will work
4 Chicken Breast

1. Place chicken in crockpot
2. Put on top of chicken the Campbell's Condensed Fiesta Nacho Cheese
3. Pour the Rotel without pre-draining it on top.
4. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6 hours
5. Shredded and put back with the sauce 
6. Serve on rice 

We have had this with no spice, medium, hot, and super hot. It's so good and there is never leftovers in our house when we cook it. 


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