Recipe: Crock-pot Chicken Caesar

I love crock-pot meals and try to use it a lot. Especially if you have a crock-pot liners. Which means less clean ups. This is one of easiest meals to cook and you can cook a lot of it at one time. My family loves this meal and we use it different ways. I use it on salads and in wraps, my mom uses it warmed up in wraps, and my husband uses it warm up on sandwiches. We always have this in the fridge during the week for dinners or lunches through the week.

Crock-pot Chicken Caesar 

Chicken Breasts - I usually fill my crock-pot with chicken breast
2 cups of chicken stock 
2 cups of non-creaming Cesar dressing 

1. Put chicken in the crock-pot
2. Pour 2 cups of chicken stock on chicken
3. Pour 2 cups of Caesar dressing
4. Cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours 
5. Take chicken breast out and shred. Serve cold or warm 

You can use the chicken stock mixture again for another batch of chicken. We usually do two batches so we have a lot to eat on for awhile. Some of my family will put some Caesar dressing on the chicken when we put on sandwiches, wraps, or salads. 


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