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Recipe: Crock-pot Nacho Cheese Chicken

My mom introduced this to us awhile back. We love it and have made it for the missionaries many times. It's also so easy being able to just throw in the crock-pot and go.

Crock-Pot Nacho Cheese Chicken
Ingredients 2 cans of Campbell's Condensed Fiesta Nacho Cheese  1 Can of Rotel Any of them will work 4 Chicken Breast
Direction 1. Place chicken in crockpot 2. Put on top of chicken the Campbell's Condensed Fiesta Nacho Cheese 3. Pour the Rotel without pre-draining it on top. 4. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6 hours 5. Shredded and put back with the sauce  6. Serve on rice 
We have had this with no spice, medium, hot, and super hot. It's so good and there is never leftovers in our house when we cook it. 

Recipe: Crock-pot Chicken Caesar

I love crock-pot meals and try to use it a lot. Especially if you have a crock-pot liners. Which means less clean ups. This is one of easiest meals to cook and you can cook a lot of it at one time. My family loves this meal and we use it different ways. I use it on salads and in wraps, my mom uses it warmed up in wraps, and my husband uses it warm up on sandwiches. We always have this in the fridge during the week for dinners or lunches through the week.

Crock-pot Chicken Caesar 
Ingredients Chicken Breasts - I usually fill my crock-pot with chicken breast 2 cups of chicken stock  2 cups of non-creaming Cesar dressing 
Direction 1. Put chicken in the crock-pot 2. Pour 2 cups of chicken stock on chicken 3. Pour 2 cups of Caesar dressing 4. Cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours  5. Take chicken breast out and shred. Serve cold or warm 
You can use the chicken stock mixture again for another batch of chicken. We usually do two batches so we have a lot to eat on for awhile. Some of my…

Transition into Sunbeams!

Poor Miles had not only transition to sunbeams, but also to our new church time of one pm. Also we had not been to church for awhile because of illnesses. So he had a lot of things going on for him. On January 1st, we headed to church. My husband was driving Mason around hoping to get him down for a nap while I took the older two into church. Miles right off the bat wanted to make his walking rounds around the church. Which became a all out chase to get him to walk and keep up with him. He thought it was the best game in the world. Mama, did not. Grandma took a turn and got him to calm down.

When Miles entered the primary room for sharing time. He hid in a corner wanting to excape the room. Didn't want to be apart of the process. He had to be walked by Daddy and Grandma around the building all through second hour. Only staying for brief moments in the primary room. Third hour he sat in his class with his classmates for awhile. First Sunbeam day...not an success.

This last week wa…

Book Review: Christmas in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

From the bestselling author of classics like Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny comes a Christmas story sure to delight generations of new readers, re-illustrated in 2016 by the beloved Llama Llama creator, Anna Dewdney is "Christmas in the Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown. Tells a childlike interpretation of the Nativity story.

We are a Mormon family and we loved this book. There were some things that are not with what the Bible says but my kids understood the differences just fine. They loved the pictures throughout this book and how real the animals look. It helped teach my kids about how the the baby was born in a stable. Because it looks like a barn which is close to a stable. We really love this book and I hope to add it to my Christmas stash to read every year.

Book Review: Mouse's First Christmas by Lauren Thompson

In this charming story, "Mouse's First Christmas" by Lauren Thompson, which follows Mouse's adventure on a quiet winter night. Mouse finds candy canes on the table, lights on the mantle, and a jolly, red stranger in the chimney. It can only mean one thing!

My family really enjoyed this book. We loved seeing how mice see Christmas and how we celebrate. The kids thought it was so much fun when the mouse started to create their own Christmas. We loved the pictures in this book and how it shows the mouse's family. We recommend this book.

My New Year Resolutions

Every year I make New Year resolutions and most of them I never keep. This year I am making some broad resolutions. So...without further they are.

I want to become a better wife then I am at this moment. 
I want to better my marriage and the plan is to read several books and apply them to my my own marriage. I want my husband to know that I love him and be able to have a better relationship with him.

I want to become a better mom then I am at this moment. 
 I am stressed a lot and I want to be a better mom. I don't want to yell as much anymore with my kids. I want my kids to grow up feeling loved and be happy who they are. I have plans to read books on parenting and apply them. I also plan on being in the moment with my kids. Whether it's having a dancing in the living room fun...or wrestling.

I want to become a better person then I am at this moment. 
I have let myself go and this one will help me meet my resolutions for a better wife and mom. I want to focus on losing …