My Week in a Nutshell

Sunday: Stayed up late to watch the Chiefs vs. Broncos game. It was an incredible game and ended up ending way late.

Monday: Kids didn't want to get up and I didn't want to get up. Got Miles to school and walked Ginny to school. Mason is super clingy. Got an email at 2:00pm from Ginny's teacher and found out my beautiful little girl decided to slap someone at lunch. Picked Ginny up from school and had to talk to her. Found out that Ginny peed her pants a little bit at lunch and a girl made fun of her. So Ginny smacked her.

Tuesday: Miles decided to have an 30 minute meltdown at school. He was on edge that whole day...tried to keep him happy.

Wednesday: Miles had a 40 minute meltdown at school and locked himself in the classroom bathroom. Was in a very cuddly mood the whole afternoon but kept fighting with Mason. Dinner was late getting on the table.

Thursday: Miles had a 40 minute meltdown at school and didn't want other kids to touch toys. He did the same when he came home would not let Mason touch any toy. Had a very physical agressive meltdown for 3 hours. Where he hit, punched, kicked, pushed, try to push me down the stairs for three hours. Very close to another meltdown all evening.

Friday: Very clingly Mason. Close to another meltdown from Miles.

I am ready for this week to be done.


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