Day 3 and Day 4 Potty Training

With Miles, he is stubborn. He has so much will power that it's a good thing but hard when you want him to do something for his own good. Potty Training is going to take awhile for him to master.

Day 3: 
   Another day of not wanting to sit on the potty. Though, we were able to get him sitting on the potty to go number 2. But he held it and went into his diaper after he got off. *sigh* It's a good thing he's cute...

Day 4: 
Another day of no potty. I am glad it's the weekend and his daddy will be home. Today was a bad day for Miles. It seems to be a common thing this winter break. That will be another post. We didn't even try to get him to sit on the potty because he was having a bad day. Also he has a physical at the doctors to go to.

Here is to hoping for some success on Day 5 and Day 6.


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