Day 1 and Day 2 of Potty Training

So I decided to brave the trenches and start potty training Miles. There is several autistic individuals who are not potty trained even into adulthood. It can cause sensory issues with kids with autism. But we are doing it to see if we can accomplish and only have one child in diapers. So I am going to write about it and how we are doing. I won't have pictures so you can rest reassure of that.

THE PLAN: So the plan is at this moment is to have Miles wear his potty watch. He likes it and it lights up. We will have it set on 30 minutes. So every 30 minutes it will go off and Miles and I will head into the bathroom. Miles for awhile will still wear a diaper but at times I will have him wear underwear underneath his diaper if he will handle it okay. So he can feel the wet when he has an accident. If Miles sits on the potty for a minute or longer he is able to get a sip of soda (Non-caffeine) as a reward. If Miles pees in the potty he gets a cup of soda. If Miles poops in the potty he gets a can of soda. The goal is to keep him drinking lots of fluid. In the meantime no pants for easy off and on.

DAY 1: Miles did awesome he complained a bit on putting underwear on but handled it like a pro. He would seek me out anytime his watch went off. We would then sit on the potty with some toys and wait until he gave the all done. No success in the potty. He would either go before or after each time taking him to the restroom. He was done at dinner time and didn't want to continue. Which was fine, we ended it on a good note.

DAY 2: Miles woke up in an odd mood. He refused to wear the watch and I decided to not push it. I want going to the potty to be a good experience instead of one he would dread. We decided to not do it today...good thing as we had an hour meltdown.


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