Children's Book Theme: Election

"Vote for Me!" by Ben Clanton is a timely satire of American politics, but it's a story readers of all nationalities and ages will recognize. Comical, retro illustrations are completely winning, and the dueling duo's insult-laden exchanges promise to have readers laughing out loud. My Book Review

"Election Day" by Marc Tyler Nobleman discusses and provides history on Election Day held in the United States. My Book Review

"Buddy for President" by Hans Wilhelm is a great book to read for the election. Vote for Buddy! Buddy is the best dog in the whole world. He loves the outdoors, he believes in sharing and helping others, and he's a natural-born leader. That's why his boy, Hunter, thinks Buddy should be our next president! Author and illustrator Hans Wilhelm's accessible text and humorous illustrations introduce young readers to the presidential campaign and election. My Book Review

"LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign" by Mark Teague is another great read about elections. Canine Ike LaRue returns to take on the political machine in this gleeful tale. Ike finds his civil liberties at risk when Hugo Bugwort, the hard line mayoral candidate, promises to crack down on free-roaming, fun-loving dogs. As the anti-dog rhetoric escalates, Ike is compelled to join political fray and run for mayor himself. Bugwort rethinks his pooch-policies when Ike selflessly helps rescue him after he collapses at a campaign rally. Told through letters to Mrs. LaRue and local newspaper accounts. My Book Review


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