Book Review: Crafts for Thanksgiving by Kathy Ross

I got "Crafts for Thanksgiving" by Kathy Ross to give me ideas of what I can do with my kids for thanksgiving. In this book it offers twenty simple Thanksgiving and autumn crafts specially designed for very young children. Indian corn kernels are used to create an attractive kitchen magnet, and a pumpkin becomes a festive centerpiece for the Thanksgiving meal. Colorful step-by-step illustrations help turn inexpensive and readily available materials into easy-to-make gifts, decorations, table items, and wall hangings that will add a youngster's special touch to the holiday season.

I really enjoyed the pictures in this book and how simple it made the crafts. The crafts though would be hard for preschoolers and younger. This book had in depth directions for each crafts for it to enjoy. I really like how they showed you can use some of the crafts as a way for decorations. I recommend at least looking at the book for ideas.


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