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We have all heard these things as Moms. We have heard every choice there is to raise our children and how no matter what we are doing for them it is the wrong way for someone out there. Now, not only are we being shamed in public by total strangers but it's on the internet as well. That come at us in the safety of our homes. Some are even receiving it while they are working. Some mom-shaming are taking video of parents that they don't know and sharing it on the internet to gather more mom-shaming to help the abuse. MOM SHAMING! It hurts and....


We are all trying to be the best parent we can be. No matter if it's formula or breastfeeding our child or co-sleeping to sleeping in their own room. We are all trying to raise our children to be the best people in the world. Take this...strangers do not know what happened before they arrived. They do not know what they are witnessing could have started before. But they take out their own cameras and film you lightly tap your child on their mouth after they bite you not once but three times. They then post it on the internet so everyone sees you and what you are dealing with but they make sure to not show your child is biting you. So others start commenting and criticizing you as a parent. You get on the internet and you see the video with a million of views and thousands of women and men attacking your parenting. By this point it is now everywhere and you can't stop the comments from hurting you inside. 

Now, think of you as someone who just comment on the video. Did you see the child bite the mother? No? then do you really think you should be commenting on the video. What about the baby in a car-seat carrier in the booth with no adult near by. Did you know the mom was just out of camera range and had left for a second before the film started? Did you know the mom is keeping a watchful eye on the child? 

What if you were the parent who has three teenage kids in the middle of target. Grabbing groceries and looking so worn down. Each teen is holding a stuffed animal and keeps repeating themselves over and over again. They keep getting louder and louder but you don't say anything and quickly finish to pay at the register with your three children. At one point one of the teens yells what they have been repeating...and the cashier laughs. As you are walking out the door they crack up laughing and start calling you the worst parent for not stopping them. What they don't realize is that your three children are all autistic. The stuffed animals is their loveys and usually helps when they are public places. They were repeating their words because they were stimming to keep them from having a meltdown. You didn't respond to your teens because it could either send one or all into a meltdown. You were up all night with your children knowing there was no school the next morning and there will be meltdowns. You are a single parent and usually when they are at school you usually do your errands but no school and no food in the house you had no choice. No one wants to babysit your children even for you to go grocery store. You know people will comment and it's going to hurt. You get to your car and get your things and kids in the car and just sob. Because you knew they were laughing and talking behind your back. You pray there is no video on the internet. You take a deep breath because you made it out of the store without a meltdown. 

You see you don't know the family's history. You see what you see and not every child who has a mental illness or disability is shown on their face. I know my son Miles looks like a normal three year old. I personally have been mom shamed in parks, McDonalds, Chic fla, Walmart, Sam's, and even church. It hurts to know that anytime I go out with my children someone is judging me or worse filming me. Waiting for me to make a mistake so they could be viral. What will it take...there's several. Stop...sharing the videos would be one. They can't be viral if people stop sharing them. Another would be stop mom shaming. Let's challenge ourselves to be the adult who approaches a mom who has a screaming child in the middle of Walmart to say, "Your Doing Great Momma." If a Mom post a picture of her child's crazy meal that has no fruit or veggies why can't we say, "Great meal...I bet your kid loved it." Because...that mom at that moment might need to hear those words. I know when people approch me when my child is having a meltdown and saying, "I have been there. Your doing great...and stay strong." It gives me the courage to keep going. 


Tell me how you were mom shamed and comment below


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