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Like all stay-at-home parents around dinner time is so hectic. You can have one or more need help doing homework. You have your toddler running all over the place and making a mess because you can't keep your eyes on them. Then you have your youngest who is starving and must eat something before they die. All while you need to get the table clean, the living room picked up, and dinner done. So what does a mom do when all her kids want to do is fight like crazy or need mom to do something.

Sounds like my house. Usually at 4:00pm is when I start getting everything ready for my husband to come home for work as well as dinner which starts at 5:30pm. My daughter gets home from school usually whining because she is tired at 4:00pm and instantly picks a fight with her brother who just wants to be left alone. Plus, she has to do 15 min reading, writing, and sight words to do and of course the youngest is starving and needs something to tie him over till dinner. At this point my living room is a disaster zone because I have been trying to get the kitchen cleaned. So....here is my all time favorite thing we do.

Assign the kids to clean up the living room toys while you get the supplies ready. Then one less thing you need to worry about. Then..put the youngest in his high chair close to you and close to extra snacks. Put cheap shaving cream on the kitchen table.

My older two kids love it and it cleans the table as well. My daughter works on her writing and sight words at the same time. I have her write in the shaving cream with her finger each word five times as well as say them out loud to me. My youngest we have plastic small animals and he will usually hide them in the shaving cream or he will doodle. Sometimes if I am lucky he will work on letter writing. The littlest is snacking on something healthy while I finish up living room and vacuum. Then work on dinner. By the time dinner is done the kids are done having fun in the shaving cream. I just take a wet rag and whip it away clean. Then before bed at night I work with my daughter on her reading.

Math facts have your kid do it in the shaving cream as well. It doesn't take much and it's pretty cheap. We also sometimes do playdoh.


  1. You are such a good mom Kendra!! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better mom!

    1. I am just learning different techniques to get things done. Also creating experiences for the kids. You will get there. I am sure you do things that I have never thought about doing.


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