Book Review: The Witch's Walking Stick by Susan Meddaugh

In the book, The Witch's Walking Stick by Susan Meddaugh, poor Margaret is waking up to another bad day. Every since she lost her parents her older siblings make her do everything and anything they can think of. When at last Margaret has had enough and runs away into the forest. She comes up on an old lady who told Margaret that a dog ran off with her walking stick and she can't do anything without it. Margaret gets three gold coins for it's safe return. Little does Margaret know that the old lady was a witch and the witch had plans to take the coins back once she has her walking stick. Which the witches has used to make thousands miserable wishes come true.

My daughter picked this book from her school library because it's about a witch. When we started we all had hopes that it was going to be fun book. Come to find out we didn't enjoy the book at all. It was slow and not enjoyable. The characters were flat in this story. The story had a lot of potential to make it enjoyable it just didn't meet it. The pictures of the story saved it with all the animals and their facial expressions. I do not recommend this book.


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