Book Review: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus by Barbara Park

Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus by Barbara Park is the first book of the Junie B. Jones series. In this book you meet the main character Junie who is starting kindergarten. The bad part is she has to ride the stupid smelly bus to and from school. Junie hated her ride to school on the bus and found out what happens on the way home on the school bus from other classmates. She then goes on a mission to not ride the bus home from school. Her adventures so she doesn't have to ride the bus doesn't go to plan.

My daughter who is in kindergarten thought this story is so funny. We read it together and we were laughing for every page we turned. So, there are some issues in the book such as, "That Jim, I don't like that Jim," or "The boy I can hit." Is pieces of this little girl's voice throughout the book. Also how she doesn't ride the bus home from school. But, we used this book as a talking piece between my daughter about kids she doesn't like at school but also how to handle things. If Junie handled it the way she should have. It was great to be able to use it as a teaching tool. This is why I recommend it for parents to read with their kids to teach them about the right way to do things.

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