What is Beautiful?

I have thought about these words a lot, "What is beautiful?" I then look deep within myself and wonder if it's the outside that makes a person beautiful or is it what matters what is on the inside that matters. As a mom of a five year old girl it's important to me to help my daughter know she is beautiful because there will be a time where she won't believe she is. How do I know that she will feel that way because I do not believe that I am beautiful as do most women who I have talked to. They all can list what they think makes a person beautiful but do not see themselves as beautiful. So how can we mother's help our daughters feel beautiful in the world that is so complicated with thoughts and meaning of beautiful. 

I went on a search on different sites to help see what is out there that is telling us women beauty is. Dictionary.com defines beautiful, "having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind:" A standard definition but there is nothing that says what makes a person beautiful. So I went to Google, it said, "pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically." So a person that is beautiful needs to be pleasing to the senses and mind. Still doesn't given me the standards so every female can follow to be beautiful. 

We know that tons of women turn to magazines to get beauty tips. An article on Cosmo titled, Meet 12 Stunning Models You're About to Be Obsessed With says, "Screw standards. Beauty knows no age, race, gender, or size. It's what you feel when you're feeling yourself..." In Teen Vogue, article, Alessia Cara on Feeling Feeling Beautiful and the First Time She was Starstruck says, "It's an outlook that may seem surprising in today's social media-driven world....The track also falls in line with number of songs that directly address the antiquated beauty standards that so many women and men face every day." Still didn't answer the standards that I am looking for. So I turn to a men's site, they must know the answer of how women should look to be considered beautiful.  So, as I am doing my research I came to a site called, AskMen. When I did the search on the word beautiful these articles pop up in order: The 10 Pitfalls of Dating a Beautiful WomanYou Make Her Feel Beautiful: Qualities of a Great BoyfriendTop 10 Cities with Beautiful WomenBeautiful American Women. Still no help because they tell you how to not date a beautiful women. So I did a google search on, "Beautiful Standards." Which is two words I found a lot in magazines so there must be a list of standards out there. Right...wrong.

 From Bradley University they said, "Such variations in ideals of beauty often reflect the roles women and men are expected to fulfill in a given society. For instances, in contexts where women are valued mainly for their fertility-their ability to bear and nurture children- often bodied women with broad hips and ample breasts are considered the most beautiful. In societies such as Fiji, large bodies are a symbol of one's status and power...The compelling fact here is that just as women started to make dramatic gains in the areas of education, employment and politics, the ideal female body began to look like a malnourished preadolescence girl, weak, emaciated and on-threatening. Women may have been gaining in freedom and power, but they were increasingly encouraged to discipline their bodies through diet and exercise to conform to ideals that were almost impossible to achieve." There is no such list out there that I could find. So I turned to some women in a mother's group on facebook. There answers were interesting to read here is what they said: Optimism, Someone's heart, kindness, courage to do what is right in the face of conflict and pressure, motherhood, warm smile, happiness, and truthfulness. All these women said it matters what is inside of the person instead of the outside. But most of them still feel that they themselves are not beautiful. 

Why do you think that they can give standards of what they think makes a person beautiful but don't believe they themselves are. Because society shows us different views every day on tv, books, magazines, online. Women are told they are not enough when they show these values. But no one can tell the standards that we must be to be beautiful. We just need to keep teaching our daughters that they are worth it they are beautiful if they keep their heart shining. 

One last quote that I got from my church,  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints website an article called True Beauty says, "The gospel teaches us that true beauty is more than skin-deep. A young woman whose countenance is aglow with both happiness and virtue radiates inner beauty...If happines is the most attractive accessory a young women can have, then a smile would have to be the most charming cosmetic....if you are discouraged about your appearance, it will help to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you. Hidden beauty seen by loved ones can become a mirror for self-improvements....the mirror which he holds constantly before us, if e will only raise our sight to look, is the one in which we should trust. Its image is always true and never distorted. He reminds us, as He did Moses, "Thou art my son (or daughter)". 


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