Weight In

So last week started strong then took a weird turn for the worse. My knee slipped out of place not once but twice on Tuesday. So I was extremely sore and had trouble walking. Then it was my birthday on Friday. I had been feeling really glum and depressed the whole week. I was crying pretty much all day on Friday. So I haven't been counting calories like I should or doing the 30 day. Yesterday, I started up again working out and today I have done the same. Bad thing though my double stroller has a massive flat. Sigh...so not sure what is going to happen this week.

Starting Weight: 280lbs
Current Weight: 254.8lbs
Current Weight loss: - 25.2lbs
Last Week Weight Loss: -1.4lbs
Waist: 48 inches
Hips: 54 inches
Bust: 44 inches
Thigh: 27 inches
Neck: 18.5 inches
Calf: 18 inches
Upper Arm: 17 inches
Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.85+
Resting Heart Rate: 54bpm

The only inches I have lost is in my bust. It was 46.5 inches and now its 44 inches. Not too bad for this week but not really great either. Time to get back to chugging my water intake and getting up to clean the house. Did you know cleaning the house you burn more calories. Yeah, I didn't know that either.


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