The Tale of the Missing Socks

I often question myself on certain days on why I do not fold clothes right when they come out of the drier. Are they too hot? Did I not think I was going to have enough time? So, I came to these questions when I realized that it was time to fold laundry again. By this time we had not basket, not two but four baskets of laundry that is clean...but not folded or hung. So, it needed to be done and at that moment the house was basically doing good on not being torn up by children. So, I put myself to the task. I separated the children's clothes from the adults and went to town. Each sock I found, I did a silent cheer and put them in a bin that somehow became the missing sock bin for our children's socks. I finally finished folding the millions of laundry in two hours. It might have not taken two hours if I didn't have to refold clothes from a certain toddler that unfolded them.

I sent my daughter to carefully put her own clothes away in her drawers while I did both of the boys clothes. I hate to think of what my daughter drawers look like on the inside as...I know she did not keep them folded (I caught her one day). Once all the clothes were put away I made myself space on the living room floor and played what I call the sock match game.

So my game is where I take a sock from the pile and lay it out in a line. Each sock I look at the line of socks and if it does not match it gets laid down. So on so forth. Well...I was coming up with a ton of socks without a match. I sighed because we are always in need of socks in this house and can never find them. I yelled in frustration when I saw all five new pairs of socks of my daughters without a match. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN! 

So, I had to search the house. I started in the bathroom and to my surprise there were no socks. I then went to the show cabinet and found two socks but they had matches. I then went to my son Miles room and found in his sock drawer one sock. SCORE! Then I went into Ginny's room and found nothing in her drawer but...I saw a sock in her toy cabinet. I then did a search in all of her bins and found more and more socks. I found socks under her bed...but guess what...a lot of them had a pair. UG. So I put my lonely socks back into the sock bin in hopes that they will turn up. Who knows our drier likes to eat them at times. 

Where have you found your kids socks?


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