Set Back

This week is hard to get back on track. I have fallen off track of weight loss this week. I stopped drinking my water as much and counting my calories. I feel like why am I doing this all to lose little amount of weight. walks cease to be happening this week because it's been rainy and the kids haven't felt good, then it was the tire on the stoller. It just seemed like to many things have been telling me to stop doing this. Today, I am sitting here trying not to cry because I know if I don't walk then I can use it as an excuse.

So...I am just feeling lousy...Like I want to give up. It sucks as I am currently at 25lbs weight loss. Far from my goal but yet far enough in. I have to keep going...or it's not going to happen. I just have to keep pushing foward.


  1. You are strong. Just remember, hard times come, but your end goal is so worth it.


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