School Standards Headache for Moms

I am sure most of you have heard the words Common Core Standards. Especially if you have a child in public schools. You don't understand the complexity that is these standards and what it all means. You just see what you child brings home and wonder why are they learning it in that grade and not further up. I am one of the lucky few who understand the whole wording of the common core standards. I spent several years studying it for my teaching degree and had to write a million lesson plans using these challenging worded standards. So let me give you a little breakdown on why we now have to subject ourselves, teachers, and our children to these standards. 

So way before the Common Core standards, each state had their own standards that the public schools had to follow. Each state could make it to what every they see fit and what the kids need to study. So, students who moved across state lines would either be extremely behind or extremely bored depending on where they moved. Which is a huge challenge for those in military families. So, the National School board had to come up with something because they saw that this wasn't a good reason at all. Some students would excel better at certain colleges and others would struggle because they were so far behind. So, they decided to create the Common Core Standards. The common core standards is a set of standards that most states have adopted as their own. This means that now if you move across state lines they are most likely going to be learning the same thing and won't be to far behind or to far ahead. 

Problem though is that common core was made very challenging. Some states like Kansas have some standards that were for 3rd graders now for 1st graders. There is a huge challenge with this and the teachers and parents alike don't like it at all. Another thing is things were taken out of the standards that should have been left in. Such as cursive writing is no longer required and how to cut on a line. So you have third graders who should have learned how to cut straight on a line or fold in kindergarten still who can't as a third grader. So...where does that leave us parents. That they learn how to cut with scissors, write, and fold paper in preschool. The government is pushing to make preschool a must for all students. But, we don't have to right now. We can teach our preschoolers at home the things they need to know for school to help them succeed. 

So where does that lay us now. Teaching and playing with our kids. There are so many resources out there from preschool teachers and other stay-at-home parents that could help us succeed. My daughter started kindergarten already reading and already had 20 sight words memorized. She also knew how to add and subject on the basic level all because I worked with her to prepare her for school instead of having her go to preschool. It was our time together and I will cherish it knowing that I gave her everything I had. Even working parents can work with their child and day care providers.  

I hope you follow with me to help our children be successful in school. 


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