Organizing Tip: Kid Kitchen Storage

Okay, so we have a lack of drawers in our kitchen. With as big as our family is we needed more storage options. So, we were always on a look out for a microwave cart to use for extra storage option. None of them were what we were liking. I finally came up with the plan to go to IKEA and get this storage option. It has four squares and you can buy the other things to add on to it like we did. So we added in one square drawers. In our drawers we have the kids silverware and the kids lids to their million of cups.

Then we added doors to the other three sections. One section has the kids cups and another section has the kids bowls and plates. The last one is just storage for our dehydrator. 

I love having everything hidden from the public because I don't have to worry about how clutter it looks on the inside. My older two actually put their own dishes away from the dishwasher as a chore. It's at the perfect height for them to do this. Also it's easy for them to get a fork or spoon that they need. It gives them the independence that they need to have and helps them being responsible. 


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