How to Get Three Kids Ready for the Day

I have had people in the past ask me how do you get three kids ready for the day and one of which is autistic. Routines are a huge thing in my house and everything needs to go smoothly especially for Miles because it can set him off and then everything goes down hill fast. So before school started this year I had to come up with a plan. So I came up with a plan and a routine.

We had these three little baskets, one for each kid from Dollar Tree that were suppose to be used for laundry. (Never happened) that were the perfect size for this. I took these three baskets and wrote each child name on them. Then I placed each basket for each child their shoes, socks, pants/shorts/or skirt, shirt, and for my daughter her hair brush and hair ties. The older kids then have their backpacks sitting on top of them once everything they need for school the next day is in it. So when my daughter gets up in the morning she grabs her basket and starts to get ready for the day. Once she dressed she puts her pjs if they are wearing them for that night in the basket. The boys have a diaper in theirs instead of underwear.

The kids each get dressed then then they go to the table for breakfast. It goes really smoothly and by the time the bus arrives they are all ready to head off to school.


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