Book Review: Wake Up Sun! by David L. Harrison

In the book, Wake Up Sun! by David L. Harrison there is a dog that wakes up early which is like most kids in the middle of the night. He then wakes up the whole barnyard because he is scared that the sun is missing.

This is such a cute story and my kids who have woken up in the middle of the night have thought the same thing as the dog. The sun is missing and then they get scared and worried that it will never be day time again. This book really reminded me of my household. It's always one kid who wakes up way to early and wakes up the whole house. So for me this was such a very true story. My son loved this book more then I thought he did. He giggled that the dog was so worried about the sun missing. He also loved looking at the pictures of each of the animals.

I recommend this to all parents with a toddler and early school age child.


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