Book Review: The Human Body by Carron Brown & Rachael Saunders

I had the pleasure to have my first Usbourn facebook party over the summer. I had a blast at my party and I was able to get several books for my kids to get for Christmas. I choose to get this book, "The Human Body" by Carron Brown & Rachael Saunders because I am all for educational and reading. So this book I thought my kids would love to read.

This book is considered A Shine-A-Light book which means that your child will need a flashlight to go with it to shine through the pages. In this book, it talks about the human body. It has some really neat facts about the human body for kids to understand such as how we get our fingerprints. It talks about each systems in our body. The children shine a light through one page and can see a hidden picture of the systems. Here is a video about the books, "Shine-A-Light." 

My kids love this book from my one year old to my five year old. They always beg to read this book as a family. They also fight over who gets to shine the flashlight through the pages. My son who is three and autistic can sit for hours just looking at the pictures of this book. I love the facts that it has in it and that it has pictures of each body systems. It's a great way to introduce them to your kids at a young age. If I teaching, I would have this book on my shelf to read to the kids for an introduction to the human body. I would recommend this book to everyone.

I was not asked for a review and was not given this book for my review. I just love it so much I had to share it.

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