Book Review: Giraffes by Catherine Ipcizade

In Giraffes by Catherine Ipcizade  is a non-fiction book about Giraffes. In the book it talks about the African habitat and what they eat. It also talks about their behaviors and even how they sleep at night. It's a book for elementary age kids.

My daughter absolutely loved this book. She picked it out from her school library because of the cover. She thought it was so funny and gross that the giraffes tongue is in its nose. The cover is amazing and so are the pictures though out this book. It has so many neat facts about the giraffes that my daughter loved learning about them. It was in basic text that a child could understand what they were saying through out. It was so neat to learn about them that even I as her parent learned about the giraffes. It's something I would recommend all parents to read to their kids. Also their is vocabulary in the back of the book to help with your kids vocabulary is an awesome plus.


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