Book Review: Dinosaurs are Having a Party! by Gareth P Jones

In the Dinosaurs are Having a Party! by Gareth P. Jones, it's about a boy that is not a dinosaur himself was invited to a party that is planned and run by dinosaurs. Though the dinosaurs invited him for one reason only and it's not to party with....

This story had some really funny parts to and the pictures were wonderful. My son enjoyed looking at the picture but we both felt the story was lacking something through out. Such as what was the basis of the boy being invited to the party. Why did the boy go to the party in the first place and really there was no ending. All of sudden the boy sees a certain dinosaur and he is out of the building really quickly. It just seemed like it was lacking depth through the whole story even for a children's book. My three year old was pretty bored through out other then liking the pictures.

I wouldn't recommend this book to other parents at all.


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