Book Review: Alison the Art Fairy by Daisy Meadows

This is another series by Daisy Meadows about fairies and the evil Jack Frost. Jack Frost is at it again in Alison the Art Fairy by Daisy Meadows. Best friend Kirsty and Rachel usually only get to spend vacations and holidays together. For a special week they get to be going to the same school. It's a great thing because Jack Frost is causing trouble again and this time the School Day Fairies need help. Alison the Art Fairy gold art badge is missing and the girls need to find it before art class becomes a total wreck.

My daughter loved this story and the pictures. She loved that it's talking about art class and it's focuses on Jack Frost goblins who are terrible students. I love that it helps my daughter learn bout how girls can save the day and to keep trying no matter what happens. It's an awesome book and we really enjoyed it. Though at times this story was a little slower then the others. I still recommend it to other kids.

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