Petting Zoo

So all summer we have had high heat with lots of humidity. It seemed like most days you could swim outside. So, when the weather went from that to 70's we had to spend the day outside as a family. Saturdays' in our house are always spend time as a family (I am sure it will change as kids get older). So we decided to go to our local petting zoo instead of our normal zoo trips.

The kids love being there and when we got there. We first saw the chickens...I decided to break my daughter's heart by telling her that eggs come from chickens. We also eat chickens in things such as chicken nuggets.

We then went into a one room school house and talked about the history of it with the kids. The kids had fun exploring. Ginny was amazed that she would have been in the very front row with the little kids while big kids were in the class as well. 

We then were able to mine for "gold" with the kiddos. My kids found really neat rocks that I am hoping to use to make stepping stones outside later. 

My kids always have to run to get on these fake horses and pretend to ride. They love them but of course nothing beats the real horses they have. 

We then went into a hut where a guy was teaching us about how to make corn meal. The kids got to smash corn in it and thought it was so much fun to smash the corn to make corn meal. 

The older two were able to get to ride horses. This was Miles first time riding a horse last time he was too scared. This time he was excited and loved it the whole time. We recently found out that Miles is terrified of butterflies but not scared to ride a big horse. 

We had a lot of fun at the petting zoo with the kids. They love being able to explore and I love that they are learning about animals that they don't normally get to find out about. We were able to just enjoy spending the time with each. 


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