My Diet Plan

So, in my previous post, "How Did I Get This Fat?" I talked about that fat is like Satan it creeps into your lives. There are tons of diet plans out there in the world. Most of them cost money to actually get the "Most wonderfully awesome diet plan" there is. But...most of those diet plans have an issue that they don't want you know. Most of them will work great as long as you follow strictly the whole time. But, once you stopped at any point you will start gaining the weight back on. So, I don't like calling mine a diet plan per say. I want it to be something that I can live with for the rest of my life. Because guess what....I don't want the weight back.

I don't call mine a diet plan because it's not a diet plan that you can jump on and off any time. No, I call this a lifestyle change. It's an easy change that is easy to beginning. So make sure you are reading to write stuff down.

Step 1: Get a fitness tracker (Seriously...I love my fitbit charge hr. It tracks every single calorie)
Step 2: Do not eat calories that is not in your budget. When I mean budget it means your calorie output. The calories you are working off while you are reading this blog. See why a fitness tracker is helpful.
Step 3: Drink half your weight in water. Take your weight and divide it by 2. The answer is your water intake you should be taking in 24/7. Trust me once you get started it will be keep going.

Step 4: Don't....don't....lose the foods you enjoy. I go to sonic, mcdonalds, have pizza, and desserts. But, I put those in my calories that I count for input. So then I need to make sure output is still more. But, guess what you won't think of this as a horrible thing because its not.

Step 5: Have fun. My husband and I went bowling for a date instead of a movie. We had so much fun laughing, teasing, flirting with each other as we bowled. But guess what...I was also losing calories so I didn't have to worry about the dessert we got afterwards. I take the kids on a walk every day...not for just working because I talked to them on the walk. We explore the nature around us. We don't fast walk we walk slow and enjoy everything. We took our kids to a huge petting zoo and guess what I hit my steps early that day.


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